School Advisory Board

Welcome to the All Souls Catholic School Advisory Board Web Page. The Board serves in an advisory capacity in accordance with the National Catholic Education Association and is sanctioned by the Diocese of Orlando. The Board is appointed by - and serves at the pleasure of - the Pastor. Each member is appointed to a three-year term. The Board’s responsibility is to provide consultation to the Principal and Pastor as it relates to the needs of the school; organizing the talents of the community to advance the mission of All Souls Catholic School. Board meeting are held four to five times per year. 
The 2018-2019 School Advisory Board is comprised of the following members: 


Miss Jinny Lommerse


Mrs. Christina Kalisz      

Committee Chairs:

  • Finance: Mrs. Paula Taylor

  • Facilities & Grounds: Mr. Thomas Corcoran

  • Athletics: Mr. Nick Baggio

  • Home & School Liaison: Mrs. Jessica Bush

Other Board Members:

  • Mr. Jan Freyman

Non-Voting, Ex-Officio Members:

  • Father David Vivero, All Souls Catholic School

  • Mrs. Barbara Schirard, Principal

  • Mrs. Mary Moran, Assistant Principal

 2018 / 2019 Board Meetings

  • February 11, 2019

School Advisory Board Membership Information  
Each advisory board committee consists of two to five members who meet outside of the regularly scheduled Board meetings to complete committee work. There are also several ad-hoc committees that can be convened as needed.  
We are currently seeking volunteers with an interest in and commitment to the long-term growth, support, and enhancement of All Souls Catholic School. If you wish to be considered for appointment to the Board, or would like to volunteer your time for one or more of the committees, please send an e-mail accompanied by a brief description of the talents you would bring to
The committees of the School Advisory Board works diligently to accomplish important work for the school. Among the tasks are:  

  • Preparation and implementation of a comprehensive review of the schedule of tuition and fees;

  • Recommendations for and implementation of  a policy regarding tuition assistance;

  • Working closely with the parish Facilities Manager to address issues relating to capital improvements;

  • Drafting a five-year strategic plan for Board Activities; and

  • Giving input and making recommendations which became part of the school’s Technology Plan.

The Board is currently working on our goals and tasks for our activities the 2018-2019 school year. Meetings are held quarterly in the technology resource center.
Please direct any inquiries about the mission and activities of the School Advisory Board to: