All Souls Catholic School has a one to one program for all middle school students. Through the use of hybrids, tablets, and online curriculum, ASCS keeps students current with the digital world.  Focused on current and emerging technology, the school is always striving to stay "plugged in" to the trends and needs of today's students. 

With this technology, students have the ability to collaborate at a new level. Accessing common documents with ease improves efficiency.  In this ever-changing and fast-paced world, many of the jobs our students will pursue do not even exist yet, and we are working hard to anticipate those needs!  

By providing all grades access to our Computer and Science Labs and with Interactive Board Technology in all homerooms, we are preparing our students to be problem-solvers, work collaboratively, and adapt to the rapidly evolving job market.

There are a minimum of four computers in the lower classrooms and laptop carts. Sixth through eighth grade students have access on a 1:1 ratio for every class.  Data projectors and interactive white boards are available in all classrooms.  All of this technology makes curriculum integration a reality.