"After losing my daughter to cancer earlier this year, I knew that homeschooling was no longer a viable option for her 8 year old daughter. After much research and discussion with her father, it was finally decided to enroll our child in All Souls Catholic School in Sanford, Florida.

We were initially attracted by the mission statement on their web site, their goal being to facilitate the empowerment in their students to develop scholastically as well as morally and spiritually. I cannot express enough our gratitude and appreciation for the philosophy and standards of excellence as exemplified by All Souls Catholic School. Although our family is not Catholic, this has not been an issue. My granddaughter has been surrounded with a considerate and compassionate staff, while being lovingly integrated into the All Souls family. She loves her teachers, her classmates, and all the many wonderful activities and events provided within the All Souls environment.

My Granddaughter has suffered the tremendous loss of her mother, but she is developing the tools of discipline, grace, confidence, and a strong faith that will be an integral part of her as she continues through her life. 

Thank you, All Souls!"    

-Jan Price McGrath - Grateful Grandma of Peyton Price Compton

"We chose All Souls Catholic School because it provides our children Catholic values and academic excellence.

All Souls Catholic School enjoys an excellent academic reputation. The instruction has been outstanding. In every class, they have been challenged, nurtured and have been free to express themselves in a loving and caring environment. The teachers create an environment that demands students do their best. 

The teachers are dedicated to improving themselves and the teaching experience. They track the latest research and keep the lesson plans fresh. The school is dedicated to providing the best technology and methods of instruction so that our children are ready for the future.

Catholic education is part of the Core Curriculum. The entire school participates in prayer in the courtyard each morning. There is religious instruction in every grade and the children practice Catholic Values. Food drives, clothing  drives and fund raisers are a regular part of the experience. Respect for others and a culture of "doing the right thing" is integral to the experience our children get at All Souls Catholic School. 

We choose All Souls Catholic School because our children are developing into young adults that will be able to succeed in high school and beyond, and they will know their Catholic religion and to live by its tenets." 

-Valente Family 

"I was not happy with where my children were currently attending school. They were not being challenged academically. After searching and praying, I received a post card from All Souls Catholic School. I toured the school, and after speaking with the principal, I was very impressed. I like the academic standards and how the school enforced these standards. I was also impressed by how they integrated the Catholic teachings within the academic environment. The next school year, I enrolled my four children."

-Freeman Family